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Bufano’s Obelisk


Approaching Timber Cove Inn from famed Sonoma Coast Highway 1, catch site of Beniamino “Bene” Bufano’s Peace obelisk, a towering, 93-foot homage to peace, the Sixties, and contemporary art.

Beniamino Bufano lived all over the world—his native Italy, France, Japan—before settling in San Francisco where he resided rent-free thanks to a local shopkeeper. Inspired by what he saw as symbols of peace—the Madonna, children, hands—Bufano lived for art and the pursuit of creation. Embracing somewhat of a monastic life, he rarely kept money and saw no value in material life, often donating more art than he sold.

Bufano created a reputation for himself as a “genuine San Francisco character” in his later life. With lodging and meals provided for him, he dedicated his Golden Years to grand, large-scale projects including three huge mosaic murals. Though he died in 1970, his memory lives on in his art installations up and down the California coast.

The 93-foot tall Beniamino Bufano Peace totem on the hiking grounds of Timber Cove Inn is one of his most well-known works. A truly thematic creation, the Sonoma art statue depicts the Madonna and child with up-stretched hands, and overlooks the wild Sonoma coast and the deep blue Pacific Ocean.

We are proud to have a universal symbol of peace on our grounds and hope you will come experience the profound reverence of Sonoma County art, tranquility, and life at the Timber Cove Inn.