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Life is a detour

Dec 19th 2012



Face it. Detours are usually time consuming, annoying and get in the way of all the really important things you have to do today. But sometimes, life's little detours send you on journeys that are inspiring and eye-opening. Like the next time you travel up to Timber Cove Inn. As is fairly typical this time of year (winter) there are parts of the North Coast Highway that need a little special attention due to rain and wind. Nothing serious, just a bit of TLC. So you will have to take an ALTERNATE ROUTE at Meyers Grade Road to get to the Inn this time.  It might add 5-10 minutes on your journey but what a trip! The ridge is a spectacularly beautiful road with scenery that is memorable and camera-ready*.  And it just so happens that you will pass right by the newly opened Fort Ross Vineyard Tasting Room so why not make a pit/grape stop? 

In case you may have heard news reports of road closures in the Jenner area, take our word for it, the detour is worth it and will drop you off nicely just a few 100 feet from our door. Detour? We call it a de-lightful-tour (sorry). 

* Take a picture on your detour, submit it to us and we will chose one winning photo a month and win a two night "Fort Ross Vineyard Wine Escape"!