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Hurray for Creme Brulee!

Dec 06th 2012



Impress the friends with minimal effort! Crème Brulee is a fantastic desert with any meal. Ignoring the calorie content (Who's counting this time of year anyway?) this desert is yummy and easy. Added bonus is the respect you'll get from friends and family when they see you whip out your hand torch (Williams Sonoma, $39.95) and scorch those babies ever so gently for just a hint of crust. Master of the Crème Brulee. That's you.


1 quart Cream
12 egg yolks
8 ounces sugar
1 vanilla bean

Yields 9 portions

1. Scald Cream 200 degrees f
2. Blend together yolks and vanilla and sugar
3. Temper yolk mixture with hot cream
4. Skim off foam
5. Pour mixture into Brule dishes
6. Set dishes on flat sheet pan and set in a 350 degree oven
7. Pour hot tap water into pan to create a water bath
8. Bake for 15-20 minutes until set
9. Chill
10. Sprinkle with granulated sugar onto the surface of the custard and caramelize with a hand torch
11. Enjoy your creation!