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Art, where you least expect it.

Oct 06th 2013



By now you know that the Sonoma coast offers some of the most eye-popping scenery in the world. You may have even discovered some favorite hiking trails, hidden tasting rooms and tucked-away eateries along the beaten path. But, you MAY not know that  world-class artists call the Sonoma Coast their home. I was fortunate to meet Bruce Johnson recently at his "studio" not too far from Timber Cove Inn (of course!). Larger-than-life sculptures and multi-ton creations that only cranes can move and an artist of his caliber can create, dot the hillside next to his barn filled with works-in-progress. Bruce's genius can be viewed at the "Form and Energy" website. For more artist creations check out the Gualala Arts Center just up the road in Gualala. So love the name of that town!

Art, wine, oceanfront doesn't get much better than this!