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Something’s fishy

Jul 21st 2013



New Executive Chef William Oliver is busily updating our menu in Alexander's and being his creative culinary self these days. When I asked for a recipe he commented that when he designs recipes he uses Whole Foods as a reference: if you can't buy it there, then the recipe is  no-go. He wanted people to have access to these ingredients so they can easily make it at home. This halibut dish is on our menu in Alexander's and one of the most popular! And to make it at home it is just a Whole Foods way away from your kitchen!

Roasted Halibut with Red Quinoa, Fraisse Greens, Marcona Almonds, Corn, and Peach Jus (Serves 4)

Mise en Place:

4-6 oz. halibut Fillets
8 oz. Red Quinoa
16 oz. Fish Stock (make or buy)
4 oz. Marcona Almonds, toasted and coarse chopped
3 oz. Shallot, Fine Diced
1 head Friasse Greens, green trimmed, washed, and Dried
½ Bunch Chives, Fine Chopped, not bruised
3 ears Silver Queen Corn, Peeled, cleaned of silk, cut off cob
1 tbs butter
¼ white wine
9 tbs quality olive oil
3 oz. of Microgreens or, petite garden greens
4 Ripe Yellow Peaches, quartered, stone discarded
½ cup white balsamic vinegar
2 cup H2O
¼ vanilla bean, scrapped
S/wp to taste


Note: To start if your making your own stock we celery, leek tops, bay leaves, dill stems, parsley stems and onions in our fish stock here at TCI. We do add the corn cobs to our fish stock as well for added flavor for this dish.
In a hot larger sauté pan add 1/4 the olive oil and shallots, quickly sauté, add quinoa, toast for 2 mins, add ¾ of the stock (toss in fresh bay leaf if you have them) cook this out for 10 mins. Remove from heat and allow to rest in liquid until absorbed (30 mins or so)
In stainless sauce pot add vanilla and balsamic, cook down by 60%. Add H2O and peaches; simmer for 30 mins on low heat. Puree and strain. Adjust with s/wp. Keep warm
Heat large heavy duty sauté pan to smoking hot. Add ½ the olive oil Sauté fish, presentation side down first, allow to brown a wonderful crust. Turnover and cook to desire temperature. (We suggest med). Remove fish to rest. Discard grease. Add remaining shallots, butter, corn and lightly sauté. Add wine and deglaze. Add quinoa, and remaining stock. Bring to simmer until liquid is absorbed. Adjust s/wp. Add almonds and fold in Fraisse greens off heat. Add chives. Brush fish with remaining olive oil. Assemble with sauce down on plate first. Greens/quinoa mixture, brushed fish, top with Microgreens. Serve and enjoy with Viognier or Dry Gewürztraminer.